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Giving People Control Over Their Time and What They See on Instagram
We are introducing 'Quiet Mode' on Instagram, designed to assist users in concentrating when they need it the most, and encouraging teenagers to enable this feature. We're providing additional methods for users to indicate the types of content they prefer not to encounter in sections like Explore, Search, and Reels. Furthermore, we are enhancing our parental supervision tools to simplify the process for parents to discuss Instagram settings with their teens. Assisting You in Concentrating and Establishing ..
Giving People Control Over Their Time And What They See On Instagram
Continuing to Keep Instagram Safe and Secure
Our priority is to establish a secure and encouraging community for all Instagram users. To ensure the safety of your account, there are some simple steps you can take, such as creating a robust password and activating two-factor authentication. You can also review and enhance your account's security by completing Instagram's Security Check-Up whenever you like. Apart from these consistent safety measures, we are thrilled to introduce various new features that aim to enhance account safety and provide ..
Continuing To Keep Instagram Safe And Secure
The 2023 Instagram Trend Report
Welcome to the most recent edition of Instagram's Trend Report, a comprehensive guide to cultural and social trends as identified by Gen Z through data analysis. We have collated the most significant issues and leading creators who will drive and shape culture in the coming year, from the financial renaissance to increased political participation. While this edition of the Trend Report covers various topics like fashion, beauty, web3, dating, and more, the core of it all is community and connection. The ..
The 2023 Instagram Trend Report